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Research Field

<PAL-XFEL Project>

• S2E simulation
   - Beam line design using Elegant
   - Photocathod Laser gun simulation and design

<FIR (Far infrared Radiation)>

• Design
   - Beam line design and construction using PARMELA

<Future Accelerator Design>

• SPring-8 Compact SASE Source (SCSS) Project
   - Design of First and Second Bunch Compression Systems
   - Investigation of Space Charge Effect in Injector System for SASE-FEL Linac
   - Beam Parameter Optimization for SASE-FEL Linac
   - Microbunching, Coherent Synchrotron Radiation, and Shielding

• Plasma Advanced Accelerator
   - Laser Wakefield Accelerator Simulation and Theory
   - Laser-Plasma Interaction Theory
   - Photon Acceleration Simulation and Theory
   - Plasma Diagnostics in LWFA Using Lasers and Optical Diagnostic Tools
   - Parallel Program and Algorithm Development for Large-Scale Simulation of Laser-Plasma

• GRID and Clustering Computing Application in Next-Generation Accelerators
   - Computational GRID & Clustering Implementation
   - Parallel Algorithm Development for Large-Scale Physics Simulation using MPI library
   - Applications of Computational GRID and Data GRID in Accelerator Experiments

• Proton Accelerator
   - Medical Accelerator [=Cancer Center]
   - Radio Frequency Quadrupole [=RFQ]
   - Drift Tube Linear Accelerator [=DTL]
   - Transmutation of Nuclear Waste
   - Generating Electricity with Accelerator

• Lattice Design of Storage Ring for X-Ray Lithography

• Pulse Stretcher Ring for Nuclear Physics Exp.

• Water Purifying with Accelerator

<Upgrade of the Pohang Light Source [PLS] Storage Ring>

• Polarized Electron Source(PES) Develop Experiment.
   - Polarization Measurement of Ga-As lattice.
   - Quantum Efficiency Measurement of Ga-As lattice.
   - Lifttime Measurement of Ga-As lattice.
• Beam Based Alignment
• Closed Orbit Distortion
• Longitudinal Feedback System [=LFS]
• Design of HOM Damped RF Cavity for the PLS LFS Kicker
• Global Orbit Feedback System with Neural Network & SVD
• Four Bump for the PLS Storage Ring

<Instabilities & Nonlinear Beam Dynamics in the PLS Storage Ring>

• Nonlinear Beam Dynamics in Particle Accelerators
• Fast Beam Ion Instability
• RF Phase Modulation Driven by the RF Noises
• Bunch Length Manipulation & Bunch Length Beating
• Effects of RF Noise & Instability on Lifetime
• Ion Trapping Driven Longitudinal Damping
• Synchro-Betatron Coupling
• Sawtooth Instability
• Simulation of Coupled Bunch Mode Instability
• Simulation of Beam Halo Formation

<Beam Dignostics in the PLS Storage Ring>

• Beam Dignostics with Streak Camera
• Beam Dignostics with LFS

Accelerator & K-STAR Tokamak Control
Development of IOC(Input/Output controller) Device Driver Based on Real Time OS
Fusion Control System
Real Time OS - Tornado & EPICS
Timing System - Network Time Protocol